15 Feb 2017
TBW for trans men

From 28 to 30 April 2017 the fifth Trans & Bare Weekend will be held. The TBW is about feeling at home in your body. The workshops of this weekend have to do with the theme “(trans)masculinity”. This weekend is for everybody who identifies as (trans)masculine. The programme is spacious, so there is plenty of time for mutual exchange too. The TBW is accessible for wheelchair users.

** Unfortunately we had to cancel the weekend, because we couldn't find sufficient funds. **

15 Feb 2017
The venue of TBA: St Michaels Centre in Hathersage.

In early February Jochem was a guest at the British TransBareAll Retreat. The TBA had an interesting weekend around the theme "Boundaries, Touch & Feeling". It was a challenging, and also a very pleasant weekend. On a personal level, the participants have got to know themselves a little bit better. And we have gained some new ideas for workshops!

13 Dec 2016
TBW for all genders a weekend of extremes

The 4th Trans & Bare Weekend (TBW) was another weekend for people of all genders. With 11 participants, the group was of average size. This time, the composition of participants was more varied than in previous TBW's, what made it sometimes more difficult to find each other in the discussions. Despite the differences, there proved to be sufficient similarities, fortunately. "Cozy, small group, space to find your way."

"Another lovely event where I picked up some things, and where you fully can be yourself."


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