12 dec 2016
Many proud people at T-Day in Antwerp

On 5 November the TBW was a guest during the festive T-Day in Antwerp. We gave the workshop "Proud of who you are." The participants were enthusiastic, and were talking open with each other about personal issues. The physical part of the workshop was well received: after talking all day this was a welcome change!

At the subscription the workshop was fully booked. On the day itself some people decided to attend another workshop, but also some other people decided to do our workshop, so we ended with the maximum number of 26 participants after all.

2 nov 2016
Workshop "Proud of who you are" at T-Day in Antwerp

On 5 November TBW will give another workshop. This time we are guests at the festive fifth T-Day in Antwerp. The workshop is called "Proud of who you are" and again we will focus on being proud of ourselves and trusting around our bodies. A lot of people have booked already, so the workshop is fully booked already in advance, with 25 participants.

20 sep 2016
TBW for people of all genders

From 25 to 27 November 2016 another Trans & Bare Weekend for people of all genders will be held. The TBW is about feeling at home in your body. The workshops of this weekend have to do with the theme “connection and boundaries”. Besides the workshops, there is much opportunity for mutual exchange. The TBW is accessible for wheelchair users.


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