29 Dec 2016

Goodbye 2016...

Submitted by tbw

This past year has been a very active year for TBW. We look back very happy at a year with no less than 3 TBW's and 5 workshops at various events. Quite a achievement, considering that TBW only exists since 2015!

The TBW's were in March (all genders), May (trans men) and November (all genders). A total of 26 participants attended one or more TBW's.

The workshops were at Dutch and international events: in January we were guests at the Blent Trans Festival in Utrecht. In June, we were at first at the TGEU Council in Bologna, and then at Free PATHH in Amsterdam. In July we gave a workshop at the EuroBicon in Amsterdam. And the last TBW workshop was in November during T-Day in Antwerp. In total, 125 people have participated in one or more of our workshops.

Furthermore, we have developed a leaflet and a toolkit, together with our friends from the British TransBareAll Retreat, for (international) trans activists who would like to set up a similar weekend in their own region.

Overall, we satisfied look back on a great year!

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