15 Nov 2015

12 December: Workshop 'My body and I' in Nijmegen

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Jochem and D. are both transman and trans activist. In May 2015 they organized the very successful Trans & Bare Weekend. In October they gave the beautiful workshop 'At home in your body!', during our “Beyond the Binary” Day. Now they revisit this in more depth spending a whole day on the theme of feeling comfortable in your body! The day is open to people of all genders.


10:30 to 11:00: Arrive

11:00 to 12:30: Session 1: Trans* & identity. Being trans* or non-binary is for us a part of who we are. Although the size of this part is different for everyone. During this workshop we will discuss to what extent this aspect forms your identity. What part is being trans* or non-binary in your daily life? To what extent do you face limits on a daily basis? Or is this, for you, something that is present just in the background?

12:30 to 13:30: Lunch

13:30 to 15:30: Session 2: Being & body. Being at home in your body is not obvious for many trans* and non-binary people. Yet there is much to gain with a better connection with your own body. Therefore, in this second workshop, we will start physically by letting you feel your personal space and be with it, and more ...

15:30 to 17:00: Chat with a drink

The workshop can only be done in its entirety; you can not join us later in the day.

Up to 20 participants can sign up. We expect much interest so please sign up via info@transgendernijmegen.nl. Do not wait too long, because FULL = FULL!
Please indicate any dietary requirements when you sign up, so we can accomodate at lunch.

This day will take place at The Pink House on the St. Anthoniusplaats 1 in Nijmegen. For more information, check: www.transgendernijmegen.nl as well.

Everything at a glance

Date: Saturday, 12 December
Time 11:00 to 15:30. Doors open at 10:30
Address: The Pink House, St. Anthoniusplaats 1, 6511 TR Nijmegen
Target group: people of all genders
Signing up: info@transgendernijmegen.nl. Indicate any dietary requirements when registering!
Access: free

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