24 Dec 2015

Trans & Bare Weekend expands in 2016

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Undress yourself! At home in your body

After the great success of the first Trans & Bare Weekend in 2015, the Trans & Bare Weekend continues in 2016. In the upcoming year we will even organise two weekends: one for people of all genders and one for trans men amongst each other. During both weekends, we offer a varied program with various workshops around the theme "feeling at home in your body."

During Trans & Bare Weekend (TBW), we provide various workshops in which we talk, feel, share experiences and are creative. The program is varied, so every taste is served. In addition, the weekend offers opportunities for meeting, mutual exchange and of course a good atmosphere.

TBW for all genders

The TBW for people of all genders will be held from 4 - 6 March 2016. This weekend we will talk about, among other things: To out or not to out yourself?, Across the bridge, In the picture, Off with your clothes!, Identity and Claim your space!. This weekend is for everyone who is in any way involved with the topic of gender (identity). A-genders are also welcome.

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TBW for trans men

The TBW for transmen is from 20 - 22 May 2016. This weekend we will talk about, among other things: To out or not to out yourself?, Connecting, Travelling, Off with your clothes!, It's a ... and Inner warrior. This weekend is for transmen at any stage of a (potential) transition.

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The TBW will be held in the region of Nijmegen. The location is wheelchair accessible and can be easily reached by both public transport and car.


TBW offers transgenders the opportunity to explore their bodies and feel more confident, more proud and more at home in their bodies. Many people are still very insecure about their bodies or find it difficult to accept their bodies, and therefore are unable to make the most of their lives. The TBW wants to support transgenders to overcome these kind of trans issues and to look to the future.


The participation fee is €100 per person.

For people who sign up early, an early bird discount applies: for the TBW for all genders you pay only € 80 per person until 4 January 2016. For the TBW for transmen this discount applies until 20 March 2016.

More info and signing up

For more information and to sign up, please visit: www.transenbloot.nl. Or email us at: info@transenbloot.nl or phone/text to: (+31) (0)6 108 63 714.


The Trans & Bare Weekend is an activity of Transman.nl, the website for transmen and their partners.

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