1 Nov 2015

TBW workshop 'At Home in Your Body!' crowded

Submitted by tbw

On Saturday, 10 October Trans & Bare Weekend (TBW) gave a workshop during the second Beyond the Binary Day in Nijmegen. The workshop 'At Home in Your Body' was about feeling comfortable in and with your body. With 30 participants, the workshop was unexpectedly popular!

During the workshop we talked with each other about our expectations of a (possible) transition. It did not matter if you had chosen a social, medical and/or another type of transition. Or deliberately chose for no form of transition.
Many participants shared their experiences, so a wide range of possibilities were expressed. We saw many people nodding with various stories, so there was a lot of recognition.

After that we did some physical work. We started with a few physical exercises, such as tapping on each other's backs.
After this physical exercise, we did a short guided meditation, to become (even) more aware of our bodies. We slowly brought our attention from top to bottom, and back again.

Then we explored our personal space. Every person has their own space: the familiar 1.5 meter people stand apart at a bus stop. We played with this space by closing our eyes and took a step to the left or right. For many people this was new and very enlightening!

We have concluded the workshop with some challenging questions and statements. Some questions we were all in agreement, while others yielded many different reactions.

It was an intense, but very successful workshop!

Poster Beyond the Binary Day 2015

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