1 May 2016

TBW goes international!

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The next couple of months the Trans & Bare Weekend will give some workshops at international meetings. In June, the TBW gives a workshop at the Council of Transgender Europe in Italy. And in July the TBW gives a workshop during the EuroBiCon in Amsterdam. We are very looking forward to these workshops!

Workshop TGEU Council

At the Council of Transgender Europe we will give the workshop together with our friends from the TransBareAll Retreat in the UK. Title of the workshop is: "Body and Identity: being proud of our bodies, an experience".

During this workshop we will talk on the subject of trans* and identity. We will do some bodywork as well, so we won't limit us to just talking. In the end, if everyone feels safe enough, we will invite participants to take off garments.
For the TBW, this is the first time that a workshop also has a bare part. The TBA has broad and very positive experience with it. We are very curious!

The Council van Transgender Europe is from 2 to 5 June in Bologna, Italy.

Workshop EuroBiCon

At the EuroBiCon we also give a workshop with the title: "Body and Identity: being proud of our bodies." The intent of the workshop is very much the same as during the TGEU Council. However, the workshop will be essentially different, because the workshop is adjusted to a different audience. For example, we don't assume that all participants at the EuroBiCon will also be transgender. This workshop doesn't have a bare part.

De EuroBiCon is from 28 to 31 July in Amsterdam.

Atmosphere photo TBW goes international: different flags

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