1 Jun 2016

TBW gives workshop at TGEU Council

Submitted by tbw

From upcoming 2 to 5 June the biennial Council of Transgender Europe, the European advocacy group for transgender people, will be held again. This year's council will be in Bologna, Italy. During the council one can attend all kinds of lectures, plenary sessions and workshops. It is always exciting to be present and to learn from the insights, experiences and tips & tricks from other trans activists.

At the Council of Transgender Europe we will give a workshop together with our friends from the TransBareAll Retreat in the UK. Title of the workshop is: "Body and Identity: being proud of our bodies, an experience".

During this workshop we will talk on the subject of trans* and identity. We will do some bodywork as well, so we won't limit us to just talking. In the end, if everyone feels safe enough, we will invite participants to take off garments.
For the TBW, this is the first time that a workshop also has a bare part. The TBA has broad and very positive experience with it. We are very curious!

Especially for this workshop, we have developed a (joint) info leaflet and a toolkit. This information we'll share with the participants of our workshop, and all other interested trans activists. The flyer and the toolkit provide information about the idea of TBA and TBW, and offers practical tips on how trans activists in other countries can set up their own TBA/TBW.

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