About us

Jochem Verdonk

Atmosphere photo JochemJochem is a trans activist with more than 10 years of experience within the Dutch trans community. Jochem has been part of many innovative initiatives. He launched the website Transman.nl (for trans men and partners), is co-founder and former co-chairman of Transgender Network Netherlands, and is founder and former chairman of the Transman Foundation. More recent examples are Jochem's involvement to FREE PATHH and Principle 17.

In his professional life, Jochem is an energy worker and shaman. He has his own practice: BY JOVE, where he supports people to get back into their strength.


Atmosphere photo vreerVreer indulges in doing new things and is a cheerful trans political animal. Que is co-founder of Transgender Network Netherlands, Steering Committee member with Transgender Europe and founder of Principle 17, a collective for the right to tailored trans health care. Apart from that que has made a bike tour through South America and is involved in the fight for better trans* health care on a global level. At the moment que is learning Turkish, just for fun. In early 2016 vreer participated in a TBW-AG and que is experienced in facilitating groups, talking with people (confidential councillor) and que also regularly talks with trans people who are at odds with themselves.


The Trans & Bare Weekend is an initiative of Transman.nl, the site for objective information from experience.