4 jul 2016

Workshop Trans* & Body at FREE PATHH

Door tbw

At FREE PATHH, on 18 June, Trans & Bare Weekend gave a workshop on "Trans* & Body". In this workshop we gave a brief introduction about what the Trans & Bare Weekends are about, and what we do in our weekends. We have told about why we think a good relationship with our bodies is important. And we showed the participants a brief taster of what we do at a TBW.

We started with a number of statements, on which participants could choose "yes", "no", "don't know" or "n/a". Overall, the participants were quite unanimous in their answers, although at each statement a number of people opted for a different answer. That was interesting!

Then we did a short relaxation exercise and we facilitated participants to make a brief connection with their personal spaces. With a simple tip we could offer people to experience their personal spaces more consciously. Who would like to, is able to further practice independently with this information.

Doing the preparations we miscalculated the duration of the workshop a bit. 50 minutes is actually too little time to give people an good experience of what TBW is. That data we'll take into account next time: we won't offer short workshops in the future anymore.

Still, it was very inspiring to be able to contribute to the FREE PATHH programme. It was a very special day, which fizzed of empowerment and self-awareness. We are proud to have been able to contribute to this! In particular on a day when it comes to lectures and discussions it is good to be able to offer a very physical workshop.


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