31 Aug 2016

Successful workshop TBW at broiling EuroBiCon

Submitted by tbw

During EuroBiCon, on 30 July, the Trans & Bare Weekend gave the third and final international workshop on "Body & Identity". This time, the audience existed of bisexuals, who weren't all transgender too. A new challenge for us, with very interesting conversations as a result.

The intent of the workshop was the same as at the TGEU Council and FREE PATHH. We started with a brief introduction about the Trans & Bare Weekends and what we do during these weekends. We have told about why we think a good relationship with our bodies is important. For all people, regardless of gender, sex or sexual orientation.

Because this time the participants were bisexuals, the starting point and the focus of some topics were a little different, obviously. Yet, it became clear soon that the essence of thinking about gender and sexuality is the same for both groups. A number of people asked unexpected but very relevant questions. And this made interesting discussions!

We couldn't do the physical part that we normally do as we're used to, this time. The space was too small and it was too hot that day. That's why we have discussed mainly the statements which participants could answer to with "yes", "no", "n/a" or "don't know". At the end we still did a little body work, as a welcome change for all talking of that day.

It was a challenge for us that some participants had never thought about "gender", while other participants identified as "queer" or were trans themselves. This time this variation was much larger than we are used to. Therefore, we had to look for a good consensus, that would do right to all participants.
Apparently we did well, because we were told by the organisation that they heard "from multiple angles" that the workshop “was a success". We're happy!

EuroBiCon 2016

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