20 Sep 2016

25 to 27 Nov: Trans & Bare Weekend about connection and boundaries

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From 25 to 27 November 2016 another Trans & Bare Weekend for people of all genders will be held. The TBW is about feeling at home in your body. The workshops of this weekend have to do with the theme “connection and boundaries”. Besides the workshops, there is much opportunity for mutual exchange. The TBW is accessible for wheelchair users.

A lot of trans people have never seen other trans people's naked bodies. Trans bodies aren't seen in (mainstream) media, unless in a medical way to show about medical procedures. We want to celebrate and build confidence around our bodies and identities.


This time the theme “connection and boundaries” has a central role in the workshops of TBW. Workshops we offer have titles like: To out or not to out yourself?, In connection, Sing a song, Off with your clothes!, My body feels... a boundary, and Gender Queer! The programme is spacious, so there is plenty of time for relaxation too.

To offer non-Dutch speaking participants the opportunity to join as well, English will be the official language of this TBW.


Due to the theme of the Trans & Bare Weekend we always have an eye for everyone's safety. We think it is important to respect each other's boundaries. That's how we guarantee a safe(r) environment for all participants. Everyone will be invited to push their own personal limit (a bit). At the same time we can't emphasize often enough: no one should do anything what one doesn't want to.


We do our best to ensure that everyone who wants to participate in the TBW, is able to. Therefore, the participation fee for TBW is € 80 / € 100 / € 120, depending on your financial situation. The location in the region of Nijmegen is wheelchair accessible, including appropriate toilet and shower. Other requests can be indicated on the booking form. During the weekend there is respect for individual differences, backgrounds, beliefs, etc.

Intent TBW

Many people are (very) insecure about their bodies or find it difficult to accept their bodies. This is the same for trans people, for a number of reasons. During the Trans & Bare Weekend we work with individuals to empower, and to increase self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-acceptance.

During the weekend we provide several workshops, in a safe(r) space, in which we speak, feel, share experiences and be creative. The programme is varied to suit all tastes. In addition, the weekend naturally offers opportunity for meeting, mutual exchange and sociability as well.

The Trans & Bare Weekend is an initiative of Transman.nl and is carried out by TransMotion Foundation.

More info

For more information and booking please visit: www.transenbloot.nl.
Or email us at: info@transenbloot.nl or phone/text to: (+31) (0)6 108 63 714.


TBW for people of all genders

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