2 nov 2016

5 Nov: Workshop "Proud of who you are" at T-Day in Antwerp

Door tbw

On 5 November TBW will give another workshop. This time we are guests at the festive fifth T-Day in Antwerp. The workshop is called "Proud of who you are" and again we will focus on being proud of ourselves and trusting around our bodies. A lot of people have booked already, so the workshop is fully booked already in advance, with 25 participants.

In our newsitems about workshops we gave earlier this year, we have already described how we approach a TBW workshop. Once again we will do this in the same way, because this setup pleases us (very) well.

First we will talk to each other about how our being trans* and our identity are connected to our body. We will share our experiences and thoughts with each other.
Next, we would like to let participants experience a better contact with their bodies. We will do this through some body work exercises and a (short) guided meditation.

When the atmosphere is good and we feel safe(r), we will invite participants to take off some clothes. Without any pressure or obligation, of course. At the same time, we will discuss some interesting propositions.

Following our experiences earlier this year we have requested (and received) additional time. Therefore, our workshop will take 1 hour and 45 minutes, so we have ample time to build a safe(r) atmosphere, together with the participants. In this way, we hope that all parts of our workshop will get the attention they deserve.

We are looking forward to this Saturday!

Workshop "Proud of who you are" at T-Day in Antwerp

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