TBW about (trans)masculinity

** Unfortunately we had to cancel the weekend, because we couldn't find sufficient funds. **

Target group

Location TBW: a large former monasteryThe Trans & Bare Weekend is all people on the trans masculine spectrum (i.e. trans man, trans masculine, FTM, transgender man, transsexual man, transgender, genderqueer, non-binary, man with a trans history), and in all phases of any social transition and/or medical treatment, or none. A-genders are also welcome.


Friday evening 28 April to Sunday afternoon 30 April 2017.


The region of Nijmegen. You will receive the address after registration.


The language of this weekend will be Dutch.


The venue is wheelchair accessible, including appropriate toilet and showers. The ingredients of the food served will depend on the dietary needs of the participants, but in any case we won't serve pork. If you have any other access needs, please indicate this on your registration form.


During this weekend we provide several workshops, in a safe(r) space, in which we discuss, feel, share experiences and/or are being creative. All workshops are in the TBW context of celebrating ourselves and building confidence around our bodies and identities. The programme is varied, so every taste will be present.

  • To out or not to out yourself?
    A subject that all trans people will have to deal with. How open are you about you background? To whom do you tell what? What reasons are important for you to choose for transparency, or disclosure? Has your opinion on this changed over time? On the basis of these questions, we get to know each other.
  • Trans-masculinity
    The world divides people into "men", "women" and "others". For the West that third option is a new (re) invention, but in all other cultures this has existed for a long time already. But what is a "man"? And what is "masculine"? Do cis men and trans men differ? And how do you want to fill in your "man-hood" and "masculinity"? An open discussion about this always actual issue.
  • Self-image
    Time for a creative workshop! Under the guidance of artist Lennart Brinkhuis we create an image of ourselves. The key question is how we see ourselves. On the basis of our creations we will discuss this. Also suitable for people who think they can't draw or paint.
  • Off with your clothes!
    This is the one and only workshop where being bare is the main theme. Being completely naked may not be possible for everyone, but that won't necessary at all. All we ask you is pushing your comfort zone a bit, even if it means to just take off a sock... Meanwhile, we discuss various issues on the basis of cards.
  • Massage
    In this workshop we will get to work physically with a head-neck-shoulder massage. After a brief introduction with a few practical tips, we mainly deal with lovingly massaging each other. Relaxation is paramount.
  • Then & now
    Sometimes, during or after their transition, one meets people from their past. You recognise a school mate, but they don't recognise you anymore. Or a former colleague asks you if you're the twin brother of so-and-so. What do you do at such a moment: do you tell this person what is going on, or not? And how do you deal with photos and other relics of the past?

A detailed programme will be send to you after your registration.

Participants about the TBW in 2016:

“I came to the weekend open minded, with no expectations, and I've been given beautiful and interesting things. Additionally, been able to watch/test where I am at this moment, and I perceived a positive progress :-)”

"I got a lot from the TBW. Even though I've been back a while, some things I'm still coming to realise from being there."

"Very well, informative, enlighting, honest."


Due to the theme of the TBW we always have an eye for everyone's safety. We think it is important to respect each other's boundaries in particular as a group. That's how we guarantee a safe environment for all participants. Everyone will be invited to push their own personal limit (a bit). At the same time we can't emphasize often enough: no one should do anything what one doesn't want to.

Furthermore, we assume that our participants have respect for each other, regardless of any (possible) differences in cultural background, beliefs, social status, physical appearance, sexual orientation and gender identity, of course.


The participation fee depends on your financial situation:

€ 130 - average income, or more
€ 100 - low income
€ 80 - social minimum

The participation fee is all-inclusive: programme, lodging, and food and drinks.

If the cost of the participation fee is the reason that you don't sign up, please  contact us. For a limited number of people a discount is possible if you talk to us.


You can sign up with the online application form. Please do this preferably before 27 March 2017, but no later than 25 April 2017. At 27 March we will decide if enough participants have signed up to meet the minimum number.

Information about how to pay your participation fee will be provided after booking.


The Trans & Bare Weekend has been made possible by a contribution from the abolition money of Transgender Group Eindhoven Foundation.